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RIVERSIDE 可以自動轉錄語音成文字,同時也可以針對其語言進行翻譯,並提供多種文字檔案給使用者下載。在網站裡也可進行基本編輯。


Understanding AI Transcription by Riverside: A Comprehensive Guide

Even though AI Transcription by Riverside is packed with many features, it is incredibly user-friendly. Below, we will walk you through the process of using this tool:

Riverside’s New AI Tools Can Quickly Turn Podcasts Into Shareable Clips

Riverside records hosts and guests locally before uploading the footage to a central location, which eliminates common remote podcasting issues like poor or unstable internet connections and results in high-quality recordings every time.

Riverside Unveils Text-Based Editing and AI Transcription Features in Massive Update

“By streamlining the work of recording, editing, and sharing conversations in a single place, we’re empowering our users to focus on what truly matters: producing high-quality content that resonates with their audience,” said Nadav Keyson, CEO of Riverside. Announces AI Updates for Streamlining Content Creation prides itself on studio-grade remote recording that fits perfectly into teams’ workflows.

Riverside adds new AI features

Riverside, the online podcast and video studio, has been updated with two new artificial intelligence-powered features.

7 Best Free AI Transcription Tools For 2024: Ranked & Reviewed

Riverside is a free recording platform that offers audio and video-to-text transcriptions in over 100 languages. It claims to transcribe content with 99?curacy, which is a huge boon for a free tool, and also offers recording and editing features at no extra cost.

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