Adobe Express

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Adobe Express

Adobe Express是一個線上創作工具,提供設計模板、圖片和內容元素等,讓使用者可以快速創作出設計作品,例如社交媒體帖子、宣傳海報、簡報和影片等。



Adobe partners with the Ministry of Education to provide Adobe Express to K-12 schools students

The digital literacy initiative aims to revolutionise creative expression in classrooms using Adobe Express. The initiative is expected to impact 20 million students and 500,000 educators across India by 2027.

Adobe Express just got some epic new AI features

Adobe Express users can now use Firefly AI to create custom images and text effects using text prompts in over 100 languages. Meanwhile, quick actions such as automatic background removal and audio-based character animations are also included in the latest iteration.

Creative storytelling to global nonprofits with Adobe Express

Adobe Express for Nonprofits has announced the premium version of Adbobe Express for free to nonprofits worldwide to help changemakers across the world to make standout content.

Adobe Express 全新桌面版上線,挑戰設計平台市場

Adobe 推出的全新桌面版 Adobe Express,這款免費的內容創作工具套裝,結合了生成 AI 功能,能夠提供更高效、更便捷的創作體驗。

All-New Adobe Express With Firefly Brings Generative AI to Creators Worldwide

Today, Adobe Nasdaq:ADBE showcased the exciting momentum of the all-new Adobe Express, announcing the general availability for desktop web.

Our app enables everyone to create… it scales with you

Adobe announced that Express, its design app, is getting its own share of generative AI tools to make it easier to create flyers, posters, social media posts, and PDFs.

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