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Colourlab 通過自動化所有無聊的編輯工作,可以將更多時間留給想像及創造,且與 Colourlab、Premiere Pro、Final Cut Pro 和 Davinci Resolve 同步。


Experience the Amazing Colourlab Ai 2.2 Launch

In this article, we will explore the exciting future of color grading, particularly focusing on Color Lab AI 2.2 and its potential to revolutionize the industry.

Latest Colourlab Ai News

Colourlab Freelab Announced – New Zero-Cost Color Management Plug-in.

Amazing AI Technology at Factory

Look Designer and Color Lab AI are two powerful tools that filmmakers can utilize to achieve professional-grade color correction.

Color Intelligence Releases Colourlab Ai 2.0 with New Groundbreaking Features

Public Beta of version 2.0 adds Adobe Premiere & Apple Final Cut Pro integration, Auto Color, Color Tune and Timeline Intelligence™.

Colourlab Linkedin

These are the first publicly released test results on Colourlab Ai V3 Beta. Amazing performance from the new matching engine. The top image is Reference and the bottom is Ai Matched Result.

Colourlab Ai 2.0 Public Beta Announced – Interview with CEO Dado Valentic

Color Intelligence, a Hollywood-based company and creator of Colourlab Ai read our coverage here, has just announced the availability of a public beta version of its latest flagship software product: Colourlab Ai 2.0.

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