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The Ultimate Guide to MidJourney V5

Midjourney is hands-down my favorite of all the AI text-to-image generating tools out there. The images that it is able to generate always leave me in awe. Despite its increasing popularity over the last few months, the team behind Midjourney hasn’t eased up on improvements.

Midjourney New Features – What’s new?

Midjourney AI is an ever-evolving tool, constantly under pressure to retain its title within the zeitgeist as the best AI art generator for photorealism, and perhaps overall. As such, their developers are working fast to implement Midjourney New Features that keep them one step ahead – and we keep this article up to date every time they do.

Midjourney AI Review 2024

Midjourney AI is an AI image generator that uses Discord to help create images. It’s a unique way of working where you input commands into Discord chat to generate the image you’re looking for.

Midjourney Pros and Cons

Midjourney is a new and innovative text-to-image AI that allows you to create stunning visuals from your imagination. Whether you want to illustrate a story, design a logo, or express an idea, Midjourney can help you bring it to life with just a few words.

將夢境化為真實? 生成藝術 MIDJOURNEY AI 算圖工具 只需要文字就能創作 !|ACCUCRAZY 肖準行銷

相較於過去 Disco Diffusion 所生成的創作,Midjourney 更不容易看出 AI 生成的痕跡,已經能做到極為細緻的概念設計圖。如果 Disco Diffusion 是基本初級原畫師的能力,僅限於創作者進行頭腦風暴初提案,那麼這次我們已經達到了可以直接生產藝術級高質量成品的地步。

Bing 影像建立者、Midjourney、Stable Diffusion、Leonardo.Ai 四大 AI 圖像生成平台 PK 戰

經過多月來 Midjourney 和 Stable Diffusion (SD)發酵後,Microsoft 和 Adobe 昨晚雙雙發表針對不同用戶群的 AI 圖像生成服務。今次我們就以四個面向一般用戶的平台,來比較一下它們的系統特色、畫像質素和對內容審查的規範。

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