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Alpha3D 是一個由 AI 驅動的生成平台,可以讓用戶更快、更便宜、更輕鬆地自動將現實世界對象的 2D 圖像轉換為高質量的 3D 數字資產。


Transform text and 2D images into 3D assets with generative AI for free

O advento da tecnologia nos apresentou ferramentas que transformaram a maneira como criamos e interagimos com conteúdo digital. Uma dessas ferramentas inovadoras é o Gerador de Modelos Alpha3D AI, uma plataforma de inteligência artificial generativa que está revolucionando a criação de modelos 3D.

Alpha3D: Shaping the Future of 3D Models for Augmented Reality

Founded in 2018 by Madis Alesmaa, Rait-Eino Laarmann, and Shahab Anbarjafari, three serial entrepreneurs from the software and gaming industry, the startup Alpha3D formerly Alpha AR has developed its own AI engine that automates the entire process of creating 3D models of real-world objects.

2D to 3D: Creating 3D Models from AI-Generated Images with Shap-E, Alpha3D, CSM

I've tried out a mix of services I've been curious about and some recent discoveries all at once. Let's use the same image and compare the results generated by each service.

Add AI-Generated 3D Models to Your Projects With Alpha3D

With our partnership with Alpha3D, you’re now able to integrate AI-generated 3D models created by Alpha3D into echo3D’s cloud-based 3D asset management platform.

Alpha3D wants to accelerate digital asset and AI-powered generation through cheaper, hyperscaling technology

In the artificial intelligence world, there’s no shortage of image or text generators that allow users to spur up content with the push of a button. Alpha3D, a generative AI-powered platform, is a participant of the Startup Battlefield 200 cohort at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 hoping to showcase a technology that can hyperscale digital assets. Price,Intruductions and Reviews

The realm of 3D modeling, especially for augmented reality AR, has been historically marked by hefty costs, demanding expertise, and extensive time commitments. Enter — an innovative solution aiming to overturn these challenges with the power of generative AI.

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