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3dfy: Text to 3D Generation

Another platform that utilizes the power of AI for creating 3D designs is 3dfy. While it may be lacking some advanced features, such as ultra-realistic textures, it offers a convenient text-to-3D generation feature.

3DFY Prompt: AI powered Text-to-3D model generator

3DFY Prompt: AI-powerd 3D models generation at scale. Use 3DFY Prompt in your daily work to empower your 3D design capabilites, or expose text-to 3D to your clients via our API access.

3DFY Limits Itself to a Very Narrow Range or Objects, But Does Them to a High Standard

So how does 3DFY achieve such high quality? “We are using fundamentally different technology,” says Dahan. “We traded off the quality for or the type of content that can be created.

3DFY - Create 3D models based on text prompts

3DFY’s text-to-3D technology uniquely offers a scalable AI-based solution that generates 3D models comparable to those produced by human 3D modelers.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence AI 3D Generators-3DFY AI: Best for gaming and architecture

The main objective of 3DFY AI is to eliminate the need for human labor in developing 3D content through automation, allowing you to generate high-quality 3D models faster and more efficiently. Overview, an Israeli start-up, has developed a proprietary 3D AI pipeline capable of creating high-quality 3D models from text prompts and images.

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