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FlexClip 是一款線上的視頻剪輯軟體,提供了許多好用的模板和素材,只需要選擇你喜歡的風格,更改裡面的內容就可以輕鬆將影片完成。內有AI文字轉影片、AI生成影片腳本、AI圖片生成器和AI自動上字幕功能。


Latest FlexClip Release Enables Creators to Automatically Add Subtitles to Videos

Creators can now easily and automatically add subtitles to any video creation with auto subtitle, a previously tedious process that often required advanced technical skills.

Edit Videos Like a Pro with FlexClip: Beginner's Guide

In this beginner's guide, we will walk you through the process of video editing with Flex Clip, from registering to editing tools and sharing options. Let's dive in

Review FlexClip v2.7 – Is it the Best Online Video Editor?

If you’re in the search of the best video maker tool, then you should try FlexClip. This simple yet powerful video maker tool not only helps you create beautiful videos, but you can also use it for free to start your video making journey.

FlexClip or wave.video: Which is the better online video creator?

Both FlexClip and wave.video are video editors suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.Here we will review and contrast FlexClip vs wave.video, and explore the features, pricing, and user experiences between the two.

FlexClip 三分鐘製作教學行銷影片,不需剪輯與素材也能速成

而今天要介紹一個「影片」線上製作工具,不是一般的影片剪輯軟體,而是可以「快速產生」教學用途、行銷用途的各種類型影片。並且目前看起來免費使用,這款線上工具叫做:「 FlexClip 」,他的「快速生產」特色在於:

輕鬆入門:FlexClip 教學,快速學會製作令人驚艷的影片

總之,FlexClip 有上千款模板和簡潔易操作的介面,還有我們最喜愛的繁體中文可以選擇,如果你和大叔一樣,是影片編輯新手,選個有 AI 功能更好上手。

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