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Assembly AI

Assembly AI是一個將音樂、語音等音頻檔案轉譯成文字的AI工具,他可以根據語音內容翻譯成文字,也可用於語音分析、自動字幕、聆聽識別等應用場景。


AssemblyAI - Speech to Text API Reviews & Product Details

At AssemblyAI, we keep our pulse on the latest developments and breakthroughs in AI research and use these advances to inform our production-ready AI models. Thousands of companies – like Spotify, CallRail, and Writer – use our API to access state-of-the-art AI models to transcribe and understand speech, and build scalable AI-powered products and features faster.

AssemblyAI Reviews

The community submitted 14 reviews to tell us what they like about AssemblyAI, what AssemblyAI can do better, and more.

Review of AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API

AssemblyAI is a reason to rejoice for all the audio transcriptionists out there No more muddling your way through sub-par voice memos and phone recordings. AssemblyAI frees you and your employees up to do more meaningful work. AssemblyAI is open-ended, meaning it can transcribe any word, not just ones included in the training data.

2021 at AssemblyAI - A Year in Review

The end of 2021 is almost upon us - and it’s been a good one here at AssemblyAI Read on for a summary of all that’s happened in 2021 at AssemblyAI.

2023 at AssemblyAI - A Year in Review

Here's a look back at some of the new AssemblyAI products and features launched for customers in 2023.

使用Python和AssemblyAI API建立語音轉文字程式(附源碼)

嗨大家好!在這篇教學中,我們將學習如何使用Assembly AI的語音轉文字API建立一個Python應用程式,正確地將音訊檔案轉錄成文字。

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